The Menu

We like to think of this as a celebration of flavours that runs throughout the week Monday through to Saturday – tried, trusted and loved British classics, mixed with dishes influenced by popular world tastes. After 6 o’clock this menu is supplemented with our Dinner Specials (created daily these enable our Chefs to showcase their passion for the fresh and the innovative – these could include anything from freshly caught lobster to a stateside twist on the classic fish & chips).

Midday-9.30pm Monday to Friday, Midday-10pm Saturday, 5pm-8.30pm Sundays.

Dessert Menu

As the saying goes “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”- a view which we at the Winery agree with. No matter how sweet your tooth is we have the answer – if you are able to resist a full portion our indulgences are perfect (a way of being just a little bit naughty with only half the calories!) For dedicated dessert lovers our Assiette offers four indulgences topped with locally made Needwood Ice Cream. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and this is one course not to be missed…

Midday-9.30pm Monday to Friday, Midday-10pm Saturday, 6pm-9pm Sundays.

Daytime Fixed Price Menu

Simply a great choice for an informal daytime anytime meal for parties from one to twelve guests. We refresh this menu daily to mix Winery classics with seasonal specialties to achieve the best of all worlds – taste, variety and time together in beautiful surroundings all at one very appetising price. 

12noon to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday - 2 courses for £14.50, 3 courses £16.95 (*supplements will apply to some dishes)  

Sunday Lunch

The rise in popularity of our Sunday lunch has been staggering since we set out to revive what we fondly call good old “together time” – a traditional Sunday lunch in a relaxed and informal setting to be enjoyed by every generation. Whether you are dining as a couple, bringing the family out for a treat or are looking to celebrate with a party of forty, Sunday lunch at the Winery is the place to be. No matter how old, how young or how ‘selective’ you or your guests may be we will do all that we can to accommodate everyone because we believe that “together is a wonderful place to be!”

12 noon - 4.15pm Sunday - 2 courses for £13.50, 3 courses £15.95 (*supplements will apply to some dishes) A la carte menu then served from 6pm until 8.30pm

Party Menu

Definition of a Party (noun)

(i) a social gathering, as of invited guests for conversation, refreshments, fine food and happy times to celebrate e.g. a birthday, a retirement,an engagement or a party just because you want one!

Special Dietary Requirements

Vegetarian options are available for every course on all of the main menus at the Winery. For Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan Menus and our statement relating to special dietary requirements and allergens please follow the link below for further details.