Special Dietary Requirements

We believe that every customer deserves tasty food no matter what dietary restrictions they may have. If we haven't covered it on this page please just phone up and speak to us and we will do our very best to accommodate your request...

Special Dietary Requirements and Allergens

Vegetarian options are available for every course on all of the main menus at the Winery (our Vegan, Gluten Free and Gluten & Dairy Free Menus are available to view below). Our Chefs can often substitute or modify ingredients in existing dishes to accommodate the needs of those guests with common food allergies such as those to gluten, wheat, lactose or dairy (a copy of our Allergen Matrix can be sent on request or is available to view in the restaurant). However we politely ask that anyone with any special dietary requirements, intolerances or food specific allergies lets us know at the time of booking and also informs the team member when they are taken to the table – in this way we can do everything that we can to ensure that your dining experience with us will be an enjoyable one and that all parties are aware of which foods are to be avoided.

We will always do our best to reduce the risk of cross-contamination however we cannot guarantee that allergens may not have been introduced during another stage of the food-chain process or, even inadvertently, during preparation as we do not have a separate kitchen to prepare allergen-free items. We therefore cannot accept any liability in this respect and politely ask that guests with severe allergies assess their own level of risk and consume dishes at their own risk.